Microsoft OneNote

Dear Early-adopters,

Have you tried Microsoft OneNote yet? You can download its 80MB trial version at

I am wondering if it is worth paying 99 American

Please share your thoughts on it here


Lingchen (0$)

I’ve used Onenote for a little while now and its become something I use everyday. Im one of those people that doesn’t write stuff down with a pen and paper but I simply open notepad and type the text. Onenote allows you to do this with the simple click of a mouse, holds all your little notes for easy retrieval. I haven’t had a lot of use with the program itself other than to say download the trial and paste some webpage info into it. Its impressive.


It looks like typical microsoft highway robbery to me.

Aren’t there a lot other smaller and freeware programs out there that have the some functionality. StickyNotes ? (haven’t seen it so don’t know what it exactly does)