Microsoft Shuts Down Chinese Blog

I’m big on free enterprise and capitalism. That’s no secret. But, here’s an example of how NOT to do business.

I once owned MSFT but am glad I now do not. :raspberry:

The business world is spoiling China, and when the hand needs a smack, who’s going to do it?

[quote]BEIJING - Microsoft Corp. has shut down the Internet journal of a Chinese blogger that discussed politically sensitive issues, including a recent strike at a Beijing newspaper.

The action came amid criticism by free-speech activists of foreign technology companies that help the communist government enforce censorship or silence dissent in order to be allowed into China’s market.

Microsoft’s Web log-hosting service shut down the blog at the Chinese government’s request, said Brooke Richardson, group product manager with Microsoft’s MSN online division at company headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

Although Beijing has supported Internet use for education and business, it fiercely polices content. Filters block objectionable foreign Web sites and regulations ban subversive and pornographic content and require service providers to enforce censorship rules.

"When we operate in markets around the world, we have to ensure that our service complies with global laws as well as local laws and norms," Richardson said.[/quote]

Sure. And when did they actually think money was more important than our own values? And please don’t cite the EU thing…that was money only.

dicks. :fume:

I use XP on my laptop. How do I change to something else? Seriously, fuck this.

Modfolk, I chose OPEN to post this because it’s got politics, bidness, general knoweldge and tech co-mingled. Switch forums if you must, but seriously, I want OUT of the microsoft world. :fume:

This is NOT the way the US should do business and if the biggest will do it so callously, then the pilot fish will follow.

Need more help.

I have an ASUS notebook.

Tiger’s solution is elegant and perfect…Buy a Mac.
G4 powerbook should do ya well.

Not willing to go that far…(Ya Dixie Chicken) … then run Linux on your Asus. I am not the expert, but I do believe there is a linux thread in here and plenty of experts.


[quote=“chodofu”]Tiger’s solution is elegant and perfect…Buy a Mac.
G4 powerbook should do ya well.

Not willing to go that far…(Ya Dixie Chicken) … then run Linux on your Asus. I am not the expert, but I do believe there is a linux thread in here and plenty of experts.


I just spent 50K buying this thing…I buy another PC wife kills me. I dont want that.

Next option??

Get a typewriter.

I hate Microsoft with a passion too and have done for some time. Partly because of it’s aggressive stance towards competitors, but moreso because of it’s disguting behaviour which puts even freeware operations out of business.
Now it wouldn’t be so bad if it’s products were even half decent, but operating systems are crap and internet explorer lets in so many viruses it’s untrue.
You would think with the billions of dollars of revenue created each quarter, microsoft would be furthering the cause of computer programming and systems. Instead, they are effectively hampering it by dominating the whole market with absolute shite and at the same time not allowing competitors to develop and sell better software.

So who can my system to linux?

And how much will that fuck up what I have already going?

I don’t like Microsft that much either, but it seems that a lot of big companies in China are bending backwards to serve Chinene political interest. Reason being (of course) is what they see: $$$.

A friend sent me this article some time ago (though I don’t know the quality of the source.) … 2dgmtd.asp

And Google was definitely blocked in China at one time:,1283,55030,00.html

All I’m saying is that Microsoft isn’t the only one doing dirty tricks to get that Chinese [BLING].

Almost all of the Asus Laptops are Linux compatable.

It’s pretty easy to install Linux on your computer now. For the beginner, you might want to try Fedora. It’s so easy that you only need to press “Enter” key and that’s it.

I have an Asus laptop with Debian on it (another Linux distro). I am using Firefox as my web browser, Openoffice as my MS Office replacement, KDE as my desktop environment. There are some adjustments might require some programming or OS knowledge, but it’s not a big deal to leave everything in default.

For linux book/magazine resource, this is the best one I can find:

They have tons of imported books/magazines you can find.

This might be of interest.
I know nothing about Linnux and probably never will.

10 things you should know about every Linux installation

TainanCowboy, seeing you supporting Linux gives me hope…

[quote=“Shiner”]TainanCowboy, seeing you supporting Linux gives me hope…[/quote]Shiner -
Thanks for the kind words - but I do not deserve them. I use XP Pro w/SPII with Firefox/Thunderbird.
I just came across that site surfin’ this pm and posted it after seeing some of the comments. I really don’t know enough to get into much trouble. And I doubt I could install Linnux if I wanted to.
But I certainly don’t have anything against thoose who chose to go that route. More Power To 'Em!

I’m happy with XP Pro. It does everything I need and prolly a lot more. I’m not really a very demanding user.
I run a lot of security and stay pretty clean…so far.

Yes, you do deserve them…

And, don’t doubt, you CAN install Linux (OT, and you CAN withstand american imperialism :slight_smile:

Linux is easier to install than Windows and takes less time. The only reason I stopped using the install I had was because I couldn’t figure out Chinese input :P. I’ll be trying again soon…

For trying out Linux I would strongly recommend Knoppix:
It’s a ‘Live CD’ which means that you can try it without deleting your current installation of Windows - everything boots from the CD, so you can have a full working Linux system without writing a single byte to your hard disk.

If you don’t like it, then just take the CD out, and you’ll be running Windows again as if nothing happened.

Obviously running off a CD, things run a bit slowly (but not unusably) - so If you do like it, you can then install it on your hard disk (at which point it’s Bye Bye Windows).

It’s also good for checking whether your hardware works ok with Linux - the usual thing I have a problem with on laptops is wireless.

In SuSE, you just have to select “SCIM” and the “Smart Pinyin” engine during installation, and it JustWorks

Well, I’m trying out firefox now. We’ll see how that goes.

Damn that Microsoft: always looking to make money in favor of politicizing.

First, Microsoft said that Firefox was no more secure than IE…

Then it was reversing support for gay rights…

Now it’s following the laws in China. Is it any wonder?