Microwave oven question

I just had a strange experience with our Microwave oven. I put frozen veggies into it on Defrost level and turn the machine on. Within 10 seconds alot of the veggies(corn, carrots, peas) start sparkling and then catch on fire. I tried another batch and the same thing happened. This has never happened before with frozen veggies or other food but this is the first time I tried this particular brand of frozen veggies. I seem to remember that if you put metal into the microwave, it will start to sparkle.

I tested our machine with other frozen food now and theres no problem. My first guess is that these vegetables are contaminated with some type of metal?? Any ideas out there?

metal will give you a fireworks show, example: aluminum foil.

if this is in the frozen veggies here, wow. but then again, i’m low in iron anyways. yuk yuk. :laughing: