Mid-Autumn Festival: Ideas for arts and crafts?

Anyone have any good ideas for Moon Festival arts and crafts for kids? I’ll be making moon cakes, barbequeing and doing that stupid pomelo-skin-on-the-head thing, but I need more. Googling chucks up loads of cool lantern stuff, but it’s a Vietnamese custom and not applicable here. I got a few coloring worksheets, but I’m looking for something more substantial that will impress my bosses while I sleep in the corner of the classroom.

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I have a friend who used to put on a full production of the son who shoots down the suns, his misguided attempt with the fountain of youth potion, and his wife’s drinking from that cup and floating to the moon.

It was pretty good, but it took months to prepare.

The kids look forward to the card games and stayingup late with their cousins; maybe you could teach them to gamble.

On a more serious note, I made “memory cards” with moon festival icons in my kindy class one year, and they loved it. They colour the pictures and put them onto coloured paper. Then they have to remember where the pairs are.

It’s not like CNY or lantern festival, where craft ideas are a dime a dozen, unfortunately.

Found these worksheets if anyone’s interested.
childbook.com/Chinese-Moon-F … -s/298.htm

Jimi, are you sure the lantern is not something the Taiwanese do? I found a blog from some LA woman who was making paper lanterns with her kid, and she mentioned Hokkien food in the blog. Seems likely she is Taiwanese…and loads of websites claim the Childrens Lantern Parade is a Chinese custom.

Unfortunately, my cultural informant is still asleep at this time of morning.