Mid-life crisis purchase required - ideas?

That’s not a nice thing to say about fellow forumosan @TT !

That’s not very nice either! :rofl:


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You should buy a motorcycle from @mad_masala , lots of fun to be had on that BMW Dakar 650!


Will look at shipping prices.

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A big motorcycle must be a thrill but one wants to survive a midlife crisis

Possible to ride and not die. Ride or die, that’s the ticket


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The riders at the Isle of Man TT are insanely fast.

And possibly brainless

That seems mean. I’m 55. Ya lose a step or two, even if you’ve kept fairly fit for decades. Be nicer to yourself. :wink:

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Having a big bike doesn’t require the owner to join one of the most dangerous races on the planet, though. But yeah, people who race go fast. That’s how racing works…

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My mean meaness mounts towards midnight. Probably that “rage against the darkness” meme.

Mellow? Meh.

Do not go gentle into that good night?