Migrant set bus on fire in Italy to protest refugees drowning at sea


get used to the land of the wanton migrants


The driver has a criminal record for sexual molestation and drunk driving … how does that man get to drive a school bus ???


That was my first reaction too. What in the actual fuck?


I think the first thought I had was.

'You’re protesting as a migrant about the treatment of migrants by doing something to anger those you are trying to convince.

Committing a crime towards innocent people for a political cause is what we call Terrorism. I doubt that’s going to help the people to be sympathetic to your cause. They’re going to think more of you need to leave. This guy just single handedly made life worse for the actual law abiding migrants who came to Italy. It’s inexcusable to for people to use this to justify racism against migrants, but Mr Bus Driver, you’re not helping those susceptible to bigotry.’

Inciting fear and inconvenience helps bolster bigotry.

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“He kept saying that people in Africa are dying and the fault is Di Maio and Salvini’s”

It’s always somebody else’s fault, isn’t it.

The guy was clearly a complete nutcase, but as mentioned … how come nobody noticed, and put him in charge of a school bus? Has nobody in Italy watched Dirty Harry?

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