Mike Tyson - Pigeon Racer!

Will you watch Mike Tyson’s Pigeon Racer TV Show at least once?

  • I am already downloading the screener torrent from a server in China
  • Yes
  • No
  • Hell No
  • Heyyyyyyyyyyllllll No… oh alright, maybe once…

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I checked to see if it was April Fools Day but apparently according to the CERN particle accelerator, it is not.

[quote]The network this week announced a new reality show that will pit Tyson, a novice pigeon racer, against serious competitors.
The show is currently titled Taking on Tyson and promises to bring audiences inside this “intensely competitive and bizarrely fascinating world”.

Tyson has raised pigeons all his life but will take to the rooftops as a racing rookie. The network says he’ll be assisted by a colourful team of pigeon experts as he rears, trains and races them.[/quote]


He’s obviously run out of money again and is too old for (another) comeback…

I bet they stole the idea from Rocky X.

Yea, sure, but isn’t pigeon racing a little hazardous? Couldn’t he have found a safer pasttime?

A very expensive and tie consuming sport, thankfully he avoided the cheaper and bloodier cockfighting sport.

Tyson would kill the cock in the first round.