Mindbending emails

‘Tomorrow will commence the mailroom refurbishment. Please avoid receiving large or dangerous parcels.’

OK, so I cancelled my taobao order for the trampoline and the uranium, but what else can I do? There was a suggestion that all email go through the communications office but the chubby lass from Preston in said office howled like an air-raid siren and started muttering about a job in Tianjin. There’s going to be an inhouse email-writing course (hahahahaha to the short-straw drawer who is on email class detail all summer. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy), but I’m not hopeful.

What funsies do you receive?

‘Dear colleagues, the lunch scheduled today with Prof. *** is cancelled due to lunch’

Say what? :laughing:

My friend got an email yesterday saying: ‘Your request for reimbursement has been declined because there is no cost code included. Please email me to request the cost code.’

There’s no concept of tempo loss/gain in email, in my office.