Mindf*ck of the Day...because our minds need to get laid too

The red meat equals cancer narrative has been circulating for years.

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I don’t know but my mind is not getting laid from this.


Here’s a big mindfuck for many people…

The “foreigner guides” from the MOT in Tainan are incorrect…

第 211 條

一、閃光黃燈表示「警告」,車輛應減速接近,注意安全,小心通過。A flashing yellow light means “warning”. Vehicles should slow down and approach, pay attention to safety and pass carefully.

二、閃光紅燈表示「停車再開」,車輛應減速接近,先停止於交岔路口前,讓幹線道車優先通行後認為安全時,方得續行。(A flashing red light means “come to complete stop and then drive” Vehicles should slow down and approach, stop before the intersection, give priority to vehicles on the main road, and proceed only when it is considered safe.

BUT the “foreigner guide” says: “Cars approaching a red flashing light should give way to cars approaching a yellow flashing light.” (Without mentioning that you should come to a complete stop)


Your mind probably isn’t hot enough. :sweat_smile:

Well spotted, but not enough of a mind fuck for those who are familiar enough with the way things are done in Taiwan.

Please try again.