Mini golf courses

Where’s that? Don’t they provide putters? Thanks.

No “they” dont provide putters its a public mini golf course its 18 holes right next to the river…
there is no stand / club house…
its made out of metal/plastic. not well maintained. But a challenging looking course.
Zhishan MRT … when you cross the river in the direction of Tamsui you cant miss it. about 1000 feet away from the Subway as you ride by… (8 minute walk )stare outside the window of the subway car when you get passed that kids amusement park … its one or 3 stops from there.

Talking about mini-golf, do you guys know any mini-golf courses in great Taipei area, besides the one mentioned by the OP?

Found a free mini golf course near that gigantic dog park by Ying Feng He Bing park a little bit down from Da Jia He Bing Park.


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105, Taipei City, Songshan District, 莊敬里

I believe there’s also a free one by the zoo along the riverside. It’s the same style as the one mentioned by the OP.

Thank you guys for the info!

How about private ones, where they can provide the balls and putters?

Where can one rent putters and balls? Sounds like fun. Haven’t done this probably since age 7.

Doesn’t seem to have caught on here in Taipei. I’ve never seen one. I guess the return-space ratio isn’t high enough. Only place I ever played was in a sports center in the basement of Taimall in Nanken, years ago. Was pretty depressing.

For years I’ve been saying its a perfect sport for the Taiwanese and their epic sportiness (slow pitch softball anyone?). Bowling’s big here, why not crazy golf with flashing lights and trick castles?

Yeah really. I’m envisioning neon windmills… plaster strippers… temple on the 19th hole…

When they put up the mini-golf course in Shi Lin next to the MRT I talked to the contractor, a company from Kaoshiong. Even these people had no idea where one could buy putters in Taiwan… I brought mine over from Germany.

Google Maps doesn’t seem to show the Mini Golf in Shilin these days.

Has anyone been to any in Taipei City or New Taipei City recently?

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I saw them pulling one of them up. Forget where but I think they’re done for.

Mini golf is one of the things I would like to see more in Taiwan…

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Haven’t played mini golf for like I can’t remember

I bought my two putters for 100nt from a nice gentleman in 竹圍 Tamsui. He gave me ten balls as extra.

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