I’m wondering if anyone here has bought or built a mini-ITX system? I am seriously interested in doing this. I’m looking to build a desktop system that can run on just 12 volts.

Most the information I’ve found online about mini-ITX is from the USA, where apparently these things are popular. However, they are made in Taiwan, by VIA, which invented this market. The VIA website does have lots of good info: … /mini-itx/

However, that’s still no substitute for real hands-on experience. So if you got one of these systems and would like to take about it, or show it off (I’ll be in Taipei next week), please raise your hand.


Via Epia is great.
Make sure you get a fan less case.
To enconde dvd you need at least 800 Mhz.
Just get one, i am sure you will like it.