Mini padlocks?

I’m looking for those mini pad locks that fit through your suitcase zippers. (i have one of those soft cover suitcases. It came with a small lock but I lost it.)

Preferably downtown taipei, east side ZhongXiao area. I’ve seen suitcase stores, but can’t remember where they are. They must have those mini locks right?

Do you mean with a key or with a number?

I’ve seen tiny ones at locksmith / namechop shops; you could also stop in any luggage shop and they’ll probably sell one off a piece of luggage or might have extras.

Stores that sell random junk will have them.

A store on the corner of Hoping and Fushing sells a lot of stuff. From appliances to plumbing parts to snacks.

I’ve seen those locks there before. It’s right next to the technology building MRT station. You go out the exit and walk left. It’s the store that takes up the corner with green signs.

Watson’s (the one next to SOGO) has an assortment of them on the 3rd floor…way in the back where the feminine pads use to be (okay, little too much info). There’s also Hands Tailung (sp?) in Breeze which sells everything you will ever and never need.

Just saw some in a hardware store, too, nice quality brass ones with resettable combos for 70 NT.