Minimum hours for work permit?

Couldn’t find the answer to this via search:

What is the minimum number of hours I have to work to receive a work permit? A company is interested in hiring me part-time, and after telling them I would really appreciate a WP, they asked me to check into the rules.


Don’t think there’s a minimum. If you’re on their books working on their premises you’ll need a work permit. Its not a question of “appreciating one.” You need one, assuming of course that you wish to work legally.
However, there might be a minimum number of hours a company would have to employ you for before being given approval to hire you.

There is a minimum number of hours and a minimum salary requirement that must be met before obtaining a work permit.

You may check this out with the C.L.A, the information may be on their website, unfortunately I don’t have time to look it up now.

16 hours a week is considered full time for a teacher. Below that, they cannot issue you an ARC.

The teaching field is one thing, in other areas of employment it is a question of meeting the minimum monthly salary requirement. That is approx. NT$ 16,000

$16,000 per month. The Tax dept. would never believe it.