Minnan language drama series?

Does anyone have a Taiwanese language drama series they would recommend to watch online? (YouTube is easiest). When I search “Taiwanese Drama” most of them are in Mandarin. I’d prefer modern, not historical, if possible. I’m not too fussy about production values otherwise – it’s for the language.

金大花 is about 50/50 Hoklo and Mandarin.

My mom like 風水世家 which is mostly Hoklo.

Thanks, I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:


This episode has word play with the sound of Minnan! The whole series is a treasure of Minnan language. (google 黃俊雄, 史艷文).

The soapy shows on 三立 and 民視 could be pretty entertaining. I remember when I was in primary school everyone was watching 台灣龍捲風 and it was fucking hilarious. I mean it was actually totally nasty and sexist, with loads and loads and looooads of rape story lines, plus stuff like demonising AIDS and bisexuality et cetera (in the end like half of the cast had AIDS and some 85% of the original cast had died, in multiple different ways), but entertaining nonetheless. I don’t think it’s possible to find the show on internet now though, it doesn’t really have that kind of market.

家和萬事興 was hilarious as well. My favourite part was this girl who’s actually 30-something but looks like a grade student as she couldn’t grow up.

If you’re not into crazy shit like that, 大愛 usually makes better shows. Not that they are Emmy-worthy or anything, but they are more like slice of life and quite realistic. The scripts are always adapted from the real life experience of the members of 慈濟. I remember that 草山春暉 was pretty good, I used to enjoy it like years ago.

I’m not sure if they are available online though.

Lady Rainicorn speaks Taiwanese in the Mandarin version of Adventure Time. (She speaks Korean in the English version.)

Here is a YouTube link for 金大花


It is pretty cheesy and cutesy is a typically Taiwanese fashion. But I detect some language social politics in that the really wealthy cultured characters speak all Mando, while the salt of the earth types speak a Mando-Hokkien mix (and the older salt of the earth types speak more Hokkien).

Will be curious to hear how your Hokkien progresses!

春花望露, set in the period from 1950–1980. Very cheesy, with typically bad acting, but good language listening practice. Available on Youtube, subtitled in Mandarin.


Thanks, all. Cheese not an issue. I like cheese. :slight_smile:

Just curious to hear how you’re Hoklo is coming along? I’m always curious to hear about Hoklo learning experiences. I am ABC but learned Hoklo at home and have always imagined that it is a tough language to pick up outside of a family childhood environment. I am fond of and partisan to Hoklo in many respects, so it has been a difficult personal matter for me to come to the realization that my Mandarin is appreciably better than my Hoklo these days.

Hah. No progress. Got sidetracked (again). But I hope to make some basic changes to life in general that would allow me to do a steady if short time each day on my interests, which do include Taiwanese language.

Hahaha, the drama you list and description makes me laugh, it’s really ridiculous in Taiwanese drama but it always get the best broadcast popularity in TW.

If you don’t mind government sprinkling government program information throughout the series, there’s also the Singaporean Hokkien drama


If you don’t mind watching older series, there are a couple by PTS and SET that are amazing.

āu-suann jit sian tsiò (後山日先照)

luān-sè hô-mn̂g (亂世豪門)

tsí-sik tuā-tiū-tiânn (紫色大稻埕)

sū-bōo ê lâng (思慕兮人)

If you like non-historical dramas

hâm-siàu si̍t-tông (含笑食堂)

ú-iā-hue (雨夜花)

a bunch of them by SET are listed here:


Recently saw this s clip. Without the subtitles I think I wouldn’t get all of it.