Mircacles do happen

Mircacles do happen…

Bloody hell, I hope the car owner was insured. You’re right, though, its a miracle – he could easily have stoved in the car’s roof, the clumsy little sod.

Indians :unamused:

An airhostess called Vesna Vulovic, survived a fall of 10,160m when her plane blew up in 1972

In 2000, 2 office workers survived a 40 storey (121m) fall in a lift in the Empire State Building with “minor bruising”

In 2000, 2 office workers survived a 40 storey (121m) fall in a lift in the Empire State Building with “minor bruising”[/quote]

A lift can plunge down out of control in one of the world’s most famous buildings? That’s it – I’m using the staircase from now on!

[quote]A report by the New York City Council found that between 1992 and 1996 there had been 369 elevator accidents resulting in injuries to as many as 560 people, this is, an average of one every five days.

That could be referring to the whole the city, I hope it is.

My God! One trembles to think what the accident rate in Taipei must be! I guess I was right to feel nervous about the wobble, shudder and grating noise that I’ve heard a couple of times in my apartment-building lift (especially as I live on the 15th floor).

The only problem is that one can’t get access to one’s flat by walking up the stairs in my building. The stairwell doors can be opened only from inside each floor – which strikes me as remarkably stupid. In fact, I’d like to develop the habit of climbing the stairs just for the exercise. But the one time I did so, I got up to the 15th floor only to find the door firmly closed and locked, so I had no choice but to go back down. I tried every door on the way down, but all were locked. Only the one on the ground floor was left open. As the entrances to our building are well guarded, I cannot think of any good reason why the stairwell doors should be kept locked like that.

She felt into the water, didn’t she? Yet still a miracle that she survived.

I felt 5 floors in the elevator in a high rise in Kuala Lumpur. Nothing happened but the weird thing was that the lift was actually going up - then stopped, dropped down and continued to the 51st floor where our office was. Some colleagues never used that particular lift again (there were 4 in each zone).