My dog is just over a year old. He was diagnosed with canine distemper when he was young. I decided I wanted the proper test, turns out he doesn’t have it, I’m sooo happy. He has a had a tough go but now enjoys a healthy life. He lost half of his teeth at around the age of 7 months, the ones at the front of his mouth. He has no problems eating, but his tongue always hangs out the side, it is the cutest! Anyone ever encountered this? I haven’t found anything on tooth loss and my vet is stumped.

Distemper is a disease that runs its course, so your dog may have been correctly diagnosed as distemper positive when he was young and negative now.

The teeth can lose their enamel coating as a result of having the distemper virus. Once that goes, they can just rot away. Some dogs get this; some don’t. Our little miracle, Momo, has the rotting teeth, but it seems to have stopped getting any worse.

Glad the dog is doing OK.

How does he chew your furniture with no teeth, though?

:roflmao: Well, most of the damage was done when he had all of his teeth and he stills has about half of his teeth. They never rotted. I actually didn’t even notice, they were just there and then gone. Strange.