Missing cat (Banciao)

Please keep an eye out for the cat in the picture below if you frequent the Banciao area near the “Hai Shan” area (Sports stadium and Mega City are also nearby landmarks).

He has been missing since March 15th and I started searching the 2nd day he didn’t return. I usually manage multiple search attempts everyday, going as far as Xinpu area and also in the other direction as far as Global Mall.

My phone number in case of sighting: (02) 2954 9300. If possible to snap a picture please email me at punxpunx@gmail.com


Have you tracked the cat litter trick?

Cat litter trick? I dont know what that is… but he didn’t use cat litter as he was a stray before staying with us and had his own spots he used nearby…

In that case the cat litter trick can’t help you out. It involves scattering your cat’s used litter on a trail leading back to your house, and hope that the familiar scent can lead your cat back.

He is still missing??

Yes :frowning: had received a couple of calls which I went to check out, but didn’t work out so far…

Sorry about the cat. Looks like a nice well mannered little kitty. Hope it goes back home.