Missing pages in Maryknoll Taiwanese English dictionary

I am developing a web application which accepts Taiwanese word and opens appropriate page in Maryknoll dictionary (PDF file).
In the process, I noticed page 26 and 27 are missing from the file.

I am wondering somebody who has paper version of the dictionary sort this out by scanning those 2 pages and send them to me, so I can make a complete B-Words.pdf.
(I try to contact Maryknoll but I couldn’t find their email-address.)

I believe there is no copyright issues, since the dictionary is published under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Taiwan License.



If no one turns up, there’s contact info here:


Unless you really need the pdf, the information is in an xls file here:


If I remember when I get home tonight I’ll scan them in.

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Thanks for the contact information.

I know there is an xls file version, but their website states ‘not fully proofread
check against hardcopy’, so I would like to stick with the pdf version.
And pdf version is easier to read for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks Taffy. I’m eagerly waiting for it!

Taffy sent me the pages exactly what I wanted.

With those, I uploaded the applications to GitHub (I will make another thread for details).
Those of you who want complete B-Words.pdf file, you can download it from github.com.
Visit https://github.com/mmurak/MaryknollTESearch/blob/master/T-EN/B1-Words.pdf
and click ‘download’ button on the page. The file is about 6.2M byte.

Thanks everyone.


I particularly enjoyed this entry from that page:

A little risqué for the Catholic fathers, I would think!

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Taiwanese goes for the earthy sayings :slight_smile:

Someone told me an English translation of a Chinese saying the other day, the essence being “the rat shat in the pot” (meaning “one bad apple spoils the barrel”). Sounded Taiwanese I thought, but maybe Mandarin. Anyone know it?

Yī kē lǎoshǔshǐ huàile yī guō tāng

I’ve heard it in Mandarin before, but not in Taiwanese (then again, my exposure to Taiwanese is much smaller).

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