Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Dave is missing and possibly dead. I don’t think his reputation is as important as finding out what happened to him.


As I said, the problem is that the press can draw their own conclusions and close the case befroe it is really closed. Authorities would follow. And we´d be again in the dark.


Lets see where we are currently? YES we are actually in the DARK.
So? The case has been closed already as far as the authorities are concerned. Are they showing any sign of action? I think not. I think they don’t and they won’t.

The case currently has about as much life as that boy who went missing after he arrived in Taroko for a visit. Nothing has ever been done since then about his case. NOTHING.

And NOTHING will be done about this case EVER unless the TW govt is absolutely FORCED to give an account .

It is DARK in this case because the DARKNESS IS UPON US.


If I contact those that wrote about my story in Taiwan nrwspapers about my arrival maybe that will stir up the bees nest some?


I was one of the first ones to suggest involving Taiwanese news media, then I stopped. Why? Because I would not want Taiwanese media (or any Taiwanese for that matter) to read this thread. It shows so much contempt toward Taiwanese in general. I don’t think it will help David’s brother’s cause.


Well the: case is closed because the authorities assume Dave has left of his own volition. What is necessary is to imprint in them the need to consider the case from another perspective.


I dont think the thread shows a lot of contempt towards taiwanese. I am half taiwanese and i dont think so.

It shows contempt and mistrust of his ex wife. And that viewpoint has been shown to be misguided.


I like you Icon, but I don’t think we are seeing things the same way here.

IF the story has the backing of an organization with clout, the TW govt will have to have a better handle of this case than, “well he’s missing and we don’t know what happened” Because they dang well know its not that easy to leave the island. If he left via airport there sure is a record. And there’s no chance of him just changing his identity and living somewhere else in Taiwan. The TW govt’s help is important if this case is to have answers. And they won’t do a dang thing unless they are forced to.

By international pressure or at least by a domestic organization with clout like the Tzu Chi Buddhist organization.


You might want to read the whole thread again… Beside contempt towards the wife and her family, there is also contempt/hostility towards the cops, the news media, etc.


Well not everyone is overly fond of the cops the media and what not. Americans criticize the heck out of everyone here in the USA. so what?

Its a national pastime over here to criticize or support the Donald.
so what?


Most of the criticisms of the media and cops in this thread seem perfectly valid, although they are truths that a lot of Taiwanese don’t like to hear,


So if the police and government dont care that a foreigner went missing, is there a better angle?
Little Taiwanese girl missing her father?
How do I get the people of Taiwan to take my side and care about Daves dissapearance?


Agreed: this needs a major force to push it through, to spark authorities into action.

It needs big guanxi.

I do not think Tzu Chi would be the one to involve here. Canada Chamber of Commerce, the Asociation of Foreign Spouses, heck even the Presidential Office.


The Tomster getting all Tolkein on us. I like it.


People care. There was lot of support for the father that spent years looking for his son lost under mysterious cirncustances in teh mountains. But even that fades…

…and comes. There was a guy a couple months ago who looked here for information on a plane crash from like 30 years ago. You also found out the scooter angle here after two years.

It just ocurred to me: what if a MISSING poster was published in local papers? Half page “have you seen this man?” kind of thing? That would test the waters for a response.


Do people still read local papers?


It just ocurred to me: what if a MISSING poster was published in local papers? Half page “have you seen this man?” kind of thing? That would test the waters for a response.

I think it’s pretty expensive.


Who would they contact?
Obviously I have some money in the gofundme, to be used on incidentals, like this if you guys think it would be useful.
But I have had no contact from the newspaper articles


Just out of curiosity, how bad are things over there between China and Taiwan?
Am I going to be walking into WWIII?


That would be prohibitively expensive: http://www.taaa.org.tw/uploads/editors/product_list/0/12322147.pdf