Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”, Canadian

Looks like a true missing person case. The Taiwanese wife is not cooperating to find him. Missing in Taiwan since Nov 2016, no record of using passport to depart Taiwan.



This seems very suspicious. If you look at his Facebook it’s all pics of his baby daughter. No way he would just drop off the face of the earth and also not contact his family in Canada. No activity of any kind noticed since meeting his estranged wife in late 2016.

I’m thinking either a) the wife family knows something or b) he paid someone to boat him over to Philippines illegally. Even foreigners can hide there for eternity.

Not the first guy who was sick of the wife and kids and decided to disappear

But if you look at his Facebook all the pics were of his daughter? Then suddenly they stop when he went to ‘talk’ with his estranged wife and he was ‘picked up in a car by four or five strangers’.
Sounds like total BS to be honest.

It’s one thing to hold a cute baby. Another to support them financially and fulfill responsibilities. Maybe he ran? Maybe he ran up some major debt?

It would he useful for them to contact a local news station and see if they can get a mention on the news or pay for a missing person notice in the Apple Daily or some other such like publication.

That is suspicious. Mafia types can be hired to “take care” of someone. Maybe they went too far, or got paid too well. Depends on how well connected the “estranged” wife and family thereof is.

So options are:

  1. He left if his own accord. No money trail. No passport. No clothes. No trail?

  2. He was made to leave Taiwan and possibly this plane of existence. No evidence of foul play except being loaded in a car full of people. Nothing suspicious.

I think this is what happened. People basically bail on their situation all the time. He was already separated from the wife.

Wife paid some unsavory gangster fellows to “take care of him” is what I’m leaning towards.

Sounds like we need a poll


No. We need a proper investigation that either finds where he’s been hiding or finds his body.


Not if he doesn’t want to be found which is what I think.

Well, it’d depend if there’s outstanding child support payments. Not a fan of deadbeat Dads. Don’t know Taiwan’s laws regarding that stuff though.

Anyway, I personally think the guy is probably deceased.

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He’s probably breeding turtles for the pet trade in Sanchung and salting away his earnings so that he can start his long-planned retirement in Madagascar.


Nope. No visit enforcement. Alimony? I have yet to see it. In the good old days and with most SEAs, they just had to leave. People still threaten to kick their spouse out of the country. Bit harder now. Most deadbeat dads here were simply kicked out and erased from the child’s life.

As to Andrew’s theory, a foreigner cannot build debt. What credit card? Gambling? They won’t even let us run a telephone bill. Married folk have property under wife’s name mostly.

I think it is possible to get a line of credit for foreigners these days.

What about just gambling with cold hard cash?

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Bottom-right picture, he has a shirt with
on it.
Boat looks like those in Philippines that take you snorkeling.

Weird indeed if Taiwan authorities say he hasn’t officially left the country, i.e. by customs/immigration at airport or harbor.

Sure. Find me a Taiwanese that will trust a foreigner on the tables of mahjong. No, illegal sports betting granting him a line of credit.