Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Dave’s brother has bigger things to worry about at the moment than global warming.


Yes we must get back to Dave’s bro and his expedition to find his brother. We should probably digress from food talk for a wee bit as well.

Lets see just throwing a few brain cells loosely together now:

  1. if the cops and the canadian trade office is not going to offer any help then the mission becomes one of “being one with Dave at the place of his last sighting” A time for the two bros to meet again in spirit if not in body. And for Dave’s bro to continue to hope and believe that one day what happened to Dave will come to light.

  2. if the ex refuses to meet him, a journey to Taitung becomes unnecessary. Because that part of the expedition is really only for that meeting to take place. And we still hope it will of course. I think it will be wonderful for them to meet and for Dave’s bro to meet with Dave’s daughter. That will be awesome.

Even if the cops and the Canadian trade orifice refuses to help Dave’s bro should pay them a visit. In order to personally re-assert his request for their assistance, even if not at this very moment, at least to get them to think about where they could be of help.

obviously we should let Dave’s bro make all the decisions as to what he feels is the best course of action. WE remain on the side lines cheering him on and offering suggestions here and there.

Let’s hope we can be of great help too when he arrives on the rock and has questions about various technicalities of the mission as it unfolds.

We can be like HOUSTON and Dave’s bro will be in orbit in Taiwan and we can offer some guidance as guidance is needed or requested.

And if any one of you peeps over there can be of assistance in a “real world, real person way (ie in person)” that will probably be of help.




I would vlog the before and after meeting with the police and any other important public places in Taiwan. In case they don’t care about his brother disappearance, I would publish online that I went all the way from Canada to Taiwan and they did nothing. I would do that to get the fire on and keep things moving.


After Davesbrother decides the travel dates, for those who could, a helping hand on the island during his stay would be of great help, I believe. He will be kind of lost here if he doesn’t prepare well or have a guide. Depending on the dates I could help.


totally agree. He should set up an youtube account , call it say “I am Dave’s Brother”…

Sit in front of the camera and tell his whole story. People today are into reality shows. This is a reality show !

GEt in front of the camera, tell your story. Tell about your mission. Thats what i say to Dave’s bro.
It could go viral.

Tell about all he knows so far. Tell about the mission he has planned to find out what happened.

And vlog about it . arrivin in Taiwan. Going to the police head quarters, meeting with so and so.

Trials and tribulations. Attempting to meet with ex wife of Daves and their child, actually meeting (if that takes place, ) etc

Even if he doesnt want it to go live as he is making the vlogs, he could make the vlogs then decide later if he wants to make them public.

IF enough of a stink is created the authorities both in Taiwan and Canada will be compelled to speak out , at least speak for themselves.


I second everything


I’m not sure what the help means, but I have assumed the purpose to visit the police is to get their record for the case and interview the officers who actually involved. What they did and what they found. Not hearsay from the ex-wife or media. I think there is not much reasons the police refuses it for a person who would visit taiwan from a foreign country to get any information on his missing brother.


Let’s hope they don’t refuse, as they have told him he must go through the Canadian office in order to get those copies.


I think it is because he is not physically here. There is no way the police can confirm he is Dave’s brother on the phone. If he is here, it may be different. Hopefully.


Same in Xindian. Of course you cannot do this ever day.

When I was in Vancouver, I had breakfast at the hotel, I prepared it myself. If Dave’s brother gets Airbnb, they can fix themselves sandwiches and light stuff, not eat out all the time.



Aside from July, any other travel date options?


Yeah go to the police headquarters in Taipei and keep asking for answers.

Make a mild nuisance of yourself and someone will come

Same at the Canadian trade office.

Mild nuisance though

If you can get Apple news onboard to interview him at those two places that adds a lot of clout

The squeaky wheel theory

If he’s catholic or Presbyterian or Mormon visit their local church get a mob to follow him to the police station and the trade office. Tip off the Press

Could make the international news


Think he mentioned the factory being down for a week so he gets that week and taking a week off so more total time

Us slaves in america can’t just take time off ya know,


Not for a 2 week period. Christmas but I cant do that to my family here.


I think the purpose to visit Taipei foreign police station is to know which police station took care of the case. And which officers. And some help to arrange a visit to the local police station and officers, if possible.

Taipei police may have some info online, but it may not be all of the info that the local police may have.


he can get enough fund is the best, but I think he needs to know the minimum budget for the trip, to make a decision to buy air tickets as soon as possible. The longer he waits, the higher the price will become.


Yes, hence the visit to Hualian Police and Taipei Police headquarters. And also Canadian Trade Office will all be in good order.


I agree with this. Create so much buzz that the newspapers/news outlets can’t ignore you.

@Davesbrother, perhaps you should be seeking a person in Taiwan who can help you with this. Someone with experience doing this.

Edit: The fund is up to $1,260.


OK. So early booking it is.