Missing Person, David Allan Broderick, “Dave”


If he could get a Canadian Office representative to go with him, just the simple presence -no need to breathe down the police officer´s neck- is enough to accelerate the wheels of procedures.


even just a call in advance might make some difference.


Lunch specials at Salt Lick in Hualien. All under 200 NT.


Hot diggity damn!
I’d go there just for a slice of that cherry pie!


Don’t want to spoil it, but I’m betting that is a google image


I have no idea how to use the fund raising stuff
but I donate 2000 NT to Dave’s brother
I am willing to pay for a hotel or a rental car
here and only here in Taiwan
Good luck


And I suggest you deal with a travel agent
for your whole trip here in Taiwan
I have never organized a trip by myself
hours and hours to save a few dollars
I recommend NorthWest Travel Agency
Anna will deal with all the data easy


Awesome vegetarian pizza from Terry in Hualien. 300 NT for a large. 350 or so with a Coke. Let me know if you want to go there @Davesbrother and we’ll work something out.


Mod’s can we move the discussion about food prices to another thread, its really moving away from original discussion. Reading what has been posted in other threads, there are a couple that can be combined.



I think if you send a letter to Hualien police with some media articles and your ID proving your relationship to Dave, and tell them you have been looking for Dave, recently knew the case, and in this summer you want to visit hualien to see police officers, courst guards, and anyone else who involved the case, the police might help to identify them and arrange some meeting.


I agree that there’s a lot of crap in this thread. But if it were me, I would like everything in one place. As for my restaurant listings above (Salt Lick and Summer Too Hot pizza), I actually contacted the two owners to see if anything could be worked out. Salt Lick seems to have specials at good prices. The owner at Summer Too Hot is struggling financially (his food is fantastic so I don’t know why), but I may leave a few hundred NT with him next month when I’m in Hualien to help Dave’s bro and friend get a full belly when they’re here.


Now you just sound like a chinese tour guide working for kickbacks.


Actually, no. There’s a lot of good will on this thread, wishing the best for Dave’s brother and hoping that he will be OK when he comes to Taiwan. This includes eating well at a budget he can afford.

That’s my take—there are lots of folks here who are trying to help.



I understand people are trying to help, but this is about finding Daves brother, I feel this thread should be focused on information about finding his brother. This will make it easy for people to follow, getting sidetracked on where to stay and what to eat in my opinion just weekens the thread.

Any new people looking will easily get board when it descends into the price of fish, we need to keep focusing on the objective to find as much out what happened to Dave.

The logistics can be done in another thread, as these will be constantly changing as any new information is received. We will probably find the itinerary will be changed constantly especially up on arrival, depending on what information is found, any feelings Daves brother has once here and who is around who can help out.


Unfortunately this thread has lost some of its information and help.
I first joined this site just in the hopes of some help and insight into my brothers disappearance. Which I have gotten, thank you.
Then it became a trip fund suggested by you guys and some of my family and friends here in Canada, because me being there might be able to get the answers and/or closure for me to be there personally.
I feel we gave gotten off track and unfortunately the GoFundMe is not building as quickly as I had hoped for.
I believe there is an option to return the funds to those that donated. I will gladly return all funds in full if this journey does not happen or the funding is not adequate to make the journey.
Thanks gang for everything.
You can call me John going forward, doesn’t have to be davesbro


Try coming alone. I know you want to bring other(s) that you trust, but maybe for U$2000+, you can do it solo. You won’t regret it, and it’ll bring a form of closure.


John, keep your spirits up. I would gladly keep going with input, brainstorming, etc., but I think your boots on the ground here are needed for more answers: I honestly can’t think of more to add.

If you want this thread split into different topics, maybe you can make an appeal to the mods.


Hi John, when your on a search like this you will have your ups and downs. When you get new information it will feel like you are finally getting somewhere. but when the information starts slowing down you can feel like your running through mud. all i can say is you have to keep going.
Maybe its time to summarise all the information you have again and put it in one place, maybe expand your original facebook post. Putting the story out there again with the new information can help build momentum.
i don’t want to trivialise your situation, but give the internet a part 2, let people see that it’s not an old story and that there is new information out there. if information is drying up, it’s time for another push, there are also missing persons support groups online maybe they have people who can advise you the best way to get more publicity for your situation.


My M.P. ( member of parliament ) contacted foreign affairs on my behalf to help move things along.
Lady at foreign affairs ( region 10, China/ Mongolia ) has sent an application to the department of justice to make me (John) the main contact when and if any information becomes available. Hard to get approved apparently but are trying anyways.

I am not done with this issue yet, needed to take some down time…let my brain take a break from always thinking about my brother, even though that’s hard.
Recieved a couple cash donations from friends for $150 so reduced the GoFundMe in accordance. ($7500- $7350)


My two pennies on this matter thus far. I think that even if you do not make it to Taiwan this year, you could aim for next year. You should not stress too much about the funds in the account and being seen as taking people for their money or being somehow insincere. I feel this thought upsets you because you want to return every penny should you not mount your mission.

I believe that would be noble and correct but perhaps you should adjust your time table to be within the next three years or as soon as funds reach the target you have specified as being required for your mission. Or should you later decide you can embark on your mission with less.

I believe that unfortunately Dave is unlikely to just turn up. Although it is good to have that thought that it could happen. And I believe that you will be more at peace with yourself if you did indeed go to Taiwan and make an attempt to find answers as well as make an attempt to connect with your niece. I think that once you have done this you will feel better that you at least did that. If it was my brother that was missing I would want to do at least that.

I think we on this thread are uniform in our condolences for your loss. FAmily is important to us on this thread. Have faith in your mission. It just may take longer then initially projected. But i feel there is good that will come from the trip. And you may ultimately learn all there is to know about what happened and you may still connect successfully with his ex and your niece. So have faith. Be patient.