MLB channels other than Yanks?

I’ll be moving to Taiwan next week. I’m a huge Blue Jays fan. I am hoping to catch the rest of the season in Taiwan, if possible. They’ll be playing the Red Sox and Yanks several times in Sept.

So my question is are there channels in Taipei that will have MLB broadcasts?


I’ve been here for a few months and you’ll occasionally see teams other than the Yanks on TV here. I’ve seen several Dodgers games (huge Dodgers fan here) but it’s not nearly enough. The best way to catch a Jay’s game would be when they’re playing the Yankees and Chien-Ming Wang is pitching. Good luck.

Dear Darwin

I have found the best way to keep up with the Jays is through the internet. may have the most seamless sports streaming site in the world. It cost a bit of money - about 15 dollars a month - but from Taiwan you can watch every game live or on tape. (Better than even being at home). I can remember spending 100 bucks one night in '92 watching the jays game on a dingy tv in a bar so it doesn’t seem too much.

If you don’t have your own computer there’s pretty much a computer cafe with in walking distance to place in Taipei for about a buck an hour. Welcome to the truly wired world.