MLB: World Series

Wow! Game 2 at Chicago was fantastic.

I would think even if you are not a fan of BB, you’ll enjoy this game.

Check out the replay tonight if you can.


BTW…let’s not mention the score for those folks who do want to catch the game tonight

Incredible game.


But it didn’t have to come down to Podsednik’s home run in the bottom of the ninth. Remember, it was Podsednik who made that WEAK throw to the plate at the top of the 9th when Houston tied it. It was a shallow single to left, and the second runner hadn’t even rounded third when Podsednik caught it. Hell, I could have thrown that guy out, and half of my students think I throw a sticky ball like a girl. If he had made that throw at the top of the 9th, the Sox would have won 6-5 without having to go to the bottom of the 9th.

Great game, no matter if you are a fan of the White Sox or the Astros . . .


but probably moreso if you are a fan of the White Sox. :slight_smile:

Fark! Top of the ninth, Houston just scored two runs and I decided to have a look at this thread. :frowning: Oh well, least I know I won’t be up all night. :slight_smile:

Going back to Houston should be interesting. Mr Dye is NOT going to get a warm welcome after being “hit” by a pitch. Although, this is baseball, and baseball doesn’t have instant replay, thank god…and even my son knows the most important rule in BB is “Get on base.”