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I got a Mandarin scholarship and am considering spending 2 months at either MLC or NTNU’s MTC. To me, MLC seems like the logical choice because they’re both in a similar area and it’s cheaper ($4,000 NT difference for the same timeframe), so why not go with that. However, I’ve heard a lot of people mention MTC and haven’t heard much at all about MLC, which concerns me a bit. Does anyone have experience with either MLC or a lesser known school in general, and know if they’re generally the same thing or if this is the type of situation where it’s better to pay extra for the known commodity?

Edit: Sorry, still getting used to this bord- I see now that there’s more info in the learning Chinese section. My apologies


Taipei Mandarin Center【English】

If im not wrong, TMC is a choice for additional afterschool classes. I mean TMC doesnt handle the scholarship.

We have no scholarships

Yeah, that is what I thought. OP is looking for a language center for the mandarin scholarship.

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