Mobile phone spam, please help

I have a Nokia 3210 and an IF pre-paid card. Does anyone know how I can stop getting crappy spam messages, is there a way to only accept messages only from people in my phone book or something ? I can’t find an option for it. Or is my only option to stop getting hassled to leave the thing turned off ?

I don’t know if you have much leverage with a paid card deal. With CHT I just called up the cellular service number and told them it was my phone, not their advertising device, and if I got even one more message from them, I’d switch providers. To my utter amazement, it actually worked. No more spam. YMMV.

No such function in the current Nokia phones, IMHO.
Call the operator.

Usually the prepaid cards do not offer this as part of their service. There is usually some setting on the phone itself that will disable all incoming messages. But that will be ALL of them, including SMS from your friends.

From a business perspective, the carriers have to allow the spam to push new services to customers. You might try to call your operator but chances are, there isn’t any way to remove yourself from that yet. There is also no current legislation that protects your rights on this subject either. Good luck.

The company can stop the spam from themselves, but they can’t stop others spamming you can they?

Or can they?

I asked, and they said there’s no way.


In the same way that Hinet/Seednet et al sell your email address to the highest bidder because they already cut their connection charges below cost price?
These ‘new services’ are worth nothing if they are mostly spam content.

I heard some employes of phone companies sell their costermers phone numbers to companies or prostitutes, that is probably why you get this spam messages. has a prostitute calles u yet?
anyways, good luck, it’s very hard to get rid of them.