Moblogging in Taipei?

Anyone have any experience with moblogging(mobile blogging) in Taipei? I’ve got a blog and am thinking about getting the Nokia 3650
cellphone/cam to take some snaps and post them on my blog.
Do cellphone service providers allow you to send photos to email?
What about the Nokia 3650? Would that be the best choice for a phonecam? Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


I would be interested in knowing if you can now take snaps with a phone and send them to others with suitable phones. If it can be done, is it expensive ? Can the snaps be sent abroad ?

I just got a blog over at for free, and they allow you to blog through email, as well as MMS-equipped phonecams. You can then tell everyone to log onto your blog and check out the pics. There are several other places that allow you to post pics from your cellphone/cam
in a yahoo groups-sort of album. The great thing about the 20six blogsite is that you don’t need to know any html, plus you can edit the blogpage template completely, as well as adding a blogroll(list of favorite links).
A compendium of information about mobile blogging can be found at As far as sending snaps to other phones in Taiwan, I’m certain that it can be done, though I don’t know if one service provider will let you send pics to a phone on another, nor do I know the cost.



I have a Sony Ericsson with a wap account and I can take a picture and email it to a group of people straight away. I have never tried to send it to another cell since most people I know don’t have a compatible unit. Of course to me it has rather limited value since the picture quality is so poor but the immediacy of it is pretty cool.

I have an old Sony Ericcson (T29sc). How much do these phones with camera run? and does one need a special service to send photos? How much?

Just been having a look at the picture messaging thing…

Wow. Something new for people in the west to be frightened of: people using phones to take pictures of a nativity play. The horror ! :shock:

[i]“ban on parents taking photographs at their children’s nativity plays to prevent paedophiles gaining access to them.”[/i]

"According to the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), and reported by the Sunday Mail, “Paedophiles use the phones to download child porn from the internet which they then send to each other. The phones also enable them to take pictures secretly of children in the nude which they also send to each other.”

Expected to read about new technology, instead the sites are all talking about paedophilia. :frowning:

There are even tales of camera-phone owners being asked to send photo-messages verifying their whereabouts to suspicious spouses. :shock: :shock:

I saw a Nokia 3650 at T-Zone for 16,500NT$; other cameras that can take decent quality photos and are MMS-enabled include the Nokia 7650,
Sony/Ericsson P800, and Panasonic GD-87/88. I haven’t priced the others, but suspect that the Nokia 3650 is the priciest, as it is the most feature-rich and expandable of those listed above. As for the service cost, I’m going to price it out tomorrow and will post my findings in this thread.



Out of the question. You’re not allowed to cut down trees in the city, especially if you’re trying to do it in a large unruly group.

You want to tell that to the people who demolished the little park down the road from my previous abode? If I’d had a suitable phone I could have captured the entire thing.

After exhaustive research, I’ve determined that you can ‘moblog’ with a phonecam in Taipei; FarEast(YuanChuan) has this capability for mms-enabled phonecams. The premiere mms phonecam currently is the Nokia 3650; I found it for 13,500NT$ at a small shop on Roosevelt Rd, Sec.3, near intersection with ShiDa Rd. The cost of the service depends (naturally) on the size of the photo you upload: 30k and under is 5NT$.
Apparently foreigners cannot apply for a monthly service plan, but instead have to buy an Yi-Fu card that is pre-paid, in amounts of 300NT$,
500NT$, and 1,000NT$. Thanks for all the suggestions.



Hajib, well, it’s quite possible to set up your own moblog in Taipei and tell you, you might want to check my moblog for further information(though may not be helpful). :slight_smile:

If you are using any of the PHS handsets, you can moblob right away by sending attached photos to,, or any other moblogging services. The only PHS carrier here will not block you MMS like some others(telecos/carriers) do.

yup, it works. some mms gateways work while others don’t. some email gateways work while others don’t. some add weird code in the message body which screws up the scripts. some do weird things to the headers.

mine is working now after some serious geeking.

you can check it out here.