Mock US elections - Cast Your Vote here

Who would you vote for?

  • George W. Bush
  • John Kerry
  • Ralph Nader

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I’m on the edge of my seat.

What would happen if the U.S. were Forumosa and vice-versa…

In this simulation, all nationalities can vote.

Let’s see who would win in this parallel universe.

I’ve obviously been reading too much IP fighting - I read this as Mock (the) US elections… but I’ve voted! :slight_smile:

Of course Kerry will win, but to be fair your poll should include all of the presidential candidates, such as –

Leonard Peltier: peace & freedom party candidate. Native american imprisoned (many feel wrongly) for the past 28 years for shooting a federal officer.

David Cobb: green party candidate from Humboldt County, California (bring the troops home, repeal the Patriot Act, allow med marijuana, etc). Arrested in St Louis for trying to join the Bush/Kerry debate.

Michael Badnarik: libertarian. Basically eliminate all federal laws except the Bill of Rights (ok, slight exaggeration).

Michael Peroutka: God, Family Republic. "The Constitution Party is committed to an American understanding of law and government

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Of course Kerry will win, but to be fair your poll should include all of the presidential candidates, such as –

Michael Badnarik: libertarian. Basically eliminate all federal laws except the Bill of Rights (ok, slight exaggeration).


Especially Badnarik. A lot of people speculate that Badnarik may damage Bush far more than Nader will damage Kerry. For example, there are far more public comments by prominent Republicans who are BC00–>KE04 than there are by prominent Democrats who are GL00–>BC04. The reasoning goes that this must mean there are even more Republicans who, while they won’t vote for either Kerry or Nader, also won’t vote for Bush…but they will vote for somebody.

By including Badnarik in your poll you might - might - be able to mirror any such trend. It’d be more than interesting to know if any of the more vigorous public supporters of Bush actually won’t bear giving him their votes - but can’t/won’t vote for Kerry or Nader either.

Because the alternative is to hop on spook’s ‘Alternate Parallel Universe’ bandwagon, and that makes my head hurt. I just cannot believe that any clear-thinking American could actually, honestly support Bush enough to actually vote for him.

'Course, I suspect that the group Republicans Abroad in Taiwan has heavily influenced this site, and if I’m correct then I believe the correct party line is to publicly advocate BC04 in all public forums, no matter what; if my suspicion is valid then it’s fine now, and not including Badnarik won’t diminish your poll at all.

Well, Republicans in Taiwan couldn’t be too influential, or else Bush wouldn’t be losing to Nader here (currently, anyway).

Yeah, good point. I meant to say RAiT has heavily influenced the Bush supporters on this site. I was trying to point out the overall level of coordination by the Republican party - a feature which I believe has led to making this vote even as close as it is now (much more coordinated, ‘on message’ campaign than by the Democrats).

Because I agree that RAiT certainly seems to have had no influence on me, MT, Rascal, mesheel, mofo, cableguy, twocs, …this is a long damn list… others.


Keep living in your little dream world, flike. It’s all a vast right-wing conspiracy, right?

Rooftop forgot the option “who cares, let’s just barbecue flike”. :laughing:

This poll is not accurate. I could only vote once.

This poll sucks. Where is the option to vote for Badnarik, or the Green party guy, or Giblets, or Dave Barry, or Cobra Commander? Maybe I want to write in Pat Buchanan!


And I’d castrate myself with a rusty hacksaw before I’d vote for Nader. If yer gonna put one nutball in the poll, put 'em all up.

Can’t seem to edit the poll. :blush:

You must be a Democrat not to realize that that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Don’t try - it usually messes up then.

Don’t try - it usually messes up then.[/quote]Posters can’t edit the poll, it’s stops you swapping over choices after people have voted. It’s only when a poster edits the text it goes all wrong. Moderators can edit the poll. So Rascal can add more options, but remember you can’t vote for a new option if you have already voted for an old option, which may not be fair.

PS. This poll is multiple choice so you can choose more than one, unless Rascal changes that too.

Have I successfully recreated the election mess of 2000?

Couldn’t find any chads and didn’t want to go through the bother of hanging them…the damn butterflies kept escaping from the net.

Katherine Harris isn’t taking my calls. And, Al Gore threatened to sue me.

rooftop - why don’t you make a new pole (er, poll, that is ;0), and include all the candy-dates?

Damn. 40 to 10 for Kerry on the 'Mosa poll? Wow. I didn’t expect such a large disparity…then again…anyone can vote…:laughing:

We’ll probably see a groundswell of new members today. What is the deadline of the poll?

Oh, a deadline? Yikes… I really screwed this one up.

If I had to choose, I would choose Kerry although he isn’t close to acceptable either. Bush is worse than unexceptable. Nader is just weakening Kerry’s chances. As intelligent as he is, I wonder if he isn’t getting paid by the Republicans to cause division among the liberals.