Mod Chips and Games for the PS2?

Last time I was in TW I had a first generation PS One. I was able to get it modified so that I could play japanese games, as well as copies from the local copied games supplier. It was paradise, hundreds of titles at bargain basement prices. Since I left I have been reading about the government’s attempts to crack down on the copying of games, dvd’s, cd’s etc., in order to comply with WTO entry and satisfy US business interests. Taiwan being Taiwan, however, I wonder if this program has been effective? Is it possible for me to still get the games I crave at prices I can afford?

Of course you can still get them. But an honest person would pay for them.

This is another reason why I can’t stand to be in Taiwan any more

Yeah I can’t stand to buy video games at prices that somebody can actually afford. Perhaps if the prices reflected reality, and companies like Microsoft and Sony didn’t gauge us on videogames I would feel more warm and cuddly about ponying up the dough. In this case, I don’t mind sticking it to them. I’m sure Bill Gates can afford it.