MOD (Media On Demand)

They have all those news channels as they are free to get. I have them all on one satellite dish free as well, including Cspan, AAP and some other news channels MOD doesnt run. Mvies they have to pay for. Why do you think MOD is so cheap in the first place? Mainly as they can’t sell many systems so provide it at a loss and offset that with selling broadband connecitons. Some British channels are only meant for broadcast in the UK as thats where those channels have landing rights. Also very few British / commonwealth people in Taiwan so the market for those channels is too small. I have ITV and all the BBC and other channels from the UK. There isn’t anything you cannot get here if you really want it.

Is there anywhere one can see an English schedule for the channels on MOD? I keep seeing the last five minutes of my favourite shows! Can you really view shows anytime you want to, and how do you do that?
I pretty much only watch foxcrime and fox and all the millions of nat geo shows about lions and cheetahs. :slight_smile:

We upgraded to a NT$399/mo package and to my surprise that includes ESPN. I could give a shit about sports in general but they have MotoGP… in HD. :smiley: :discodance:

Yep I get the Superbikes and MotoGP in HD just not from MOD. Good thing is more sports are in HD like Tri nations rugby,
MotoGP Superbikes and other sports.

399 a month is a good deal

CHT called my wife whilst I was away, and we now have MOD after a year of no-cable and not missing it. The deal is 2 years at $10NT a month, total $240. And they’ve also thrown in $300 of 7-11 coupons. So they’ve effectively paying us $60 over 2 years to watch TV :slight_smile:.

Looking forward to this, not. And another remote control to lose. Maddening.

Nickelodeon is on Channel 22. They have a great line up of popular cartoons and it is now on second language. One problem though…
The second language track is one second behind the main audio track.
I’ve been too busy to call. Anyway this network is 75% English but the popular cartoons like Sponge-bob Square Pants, Fairy Odd Parents, Barnyard… , Penguins of Madagascar are all in Chinese.

After much begging, possible with some of your help, we got the second language on. Now, I’ve got to bother them again to ask them to sync it properly.

One second makes a big difference. The characters mouth moves, change of scene, then you hear the dialog.
If you got the channel, give the shows a chance. They’re cultural references puns will make your brain come alive again. If you want it synced properly, please call them…

PS: Got DIsney on Demand… Great shows… anytime. No need to stay up late.

I really need Sponge-Bob to sync my brain! :bravo:

Have you watched Sponge Bob in English? You may have to suffer through some silliness but it’s great adult parody humor and word plays.
A few days a go… MR. Crab earned his millionth dollar. He lost it to a “man-eating” clam. Mr. Crab opened his boat’s cabin door like the old Popeye opening credits. In the cabin was black and white footage of an orchestra. Of course the orchestra starting playing a classical piece that sounded like Jaws. Mr. Crabs flipped out asking the orchestra to stop playing opus… (dear me I was to busy to right it down) and every sailor knows it means death. This particular show parodied, Jaws, millionth customer prizes, Moby Dick etc.

I find many jokes on batman, fast food, holidays, politics,popular films… , all jokes clean but with out dirty south park or family guy remarks. But that’s another topic… Nick. Just watch the show. You will hate it, then like it a little then, you will have it stuck in your brain. You will be assimilated if you give it a little try

See, you’re all suckers, you bought into it :laughing:
CHT figured that all its ADSL users on slow connections aren’t that keen on trying out “value added services” so they upped the speed and you all took the bait :sunglasses:

'm not sure about that: we have 2 phones, Hinet/ADSL@8M, MODTV, KKbox, HD Channels plus other SD channels, and we subscribe to several of their other packages, incl. their movie package ($69pm). For approx. NT$1700, I think this is a pretty decent deal.

I might be willing to upgrade to 20mb…

I’ve been of the opinion: I won’t pay for CHT to shovel crap at me, but if they have anything of real value, then I’ll gladly pay. I try to reward their better services, while forgoing their junk (many of the other TV channels they supply are just… ).

CHT’s model up until now has been to pursue the mass market with cheap offerings, not realizing that the mass market will not really be willing to pony up for anything more than the basic. Doing that means its more difficult for them to earn money: their mass market customers don’t want to pay for anything beyond cheap, their profitable customers can’t pay for anything decent because they don’t supply anything decent. Until recently, this placed them squarely between the devil and the deepblue.

Recently, though, things started looking up: not sure exactly why.


Wow, service is fast and good. They fixed my sync problem at the source, Nickelodeon so now my brain is fully synced into Sponge Bobs Brain.
Even though they fixed the problem at their end, they came by the house to check the system anyway. They came by a couple hours after I made the service call. Faster than before.
This is scary… I’m happy.

  1. Decent Internet connection to listen to Internet radio
  2. A good “cable TV” package with Disney on Demand “MY DISNEY” for less than the price of traditional cable TV (not including Internet that I was paying for anyway.

Why scary? Taiwan Businesses seem to create the perfect package for the foreigner then dismantle it. I was saying the same thing about digital Cable several years ago. When I hit this submit button, I bet we’ll start getting notices of channels being took down.

Why scary? Taiwan Businesses seem to create the perfect package for the foreigner then dismantle it. I was saying the same thing about digital Cable several years ago. When I hit this submit button, I bet we’ll start getting notices of channels being took down.[/quote]

It’s sad, but I have to agree with you - it all went so well that it’s made me a bit nervous…

What is this “Hi Free” thing? I use it to listen to radio stations and hear a select number of songs on MOD.

But what does the “Hi Free” that you can use on your computer after downloading the client?
Is it also free to use?

I have had MOD for about 2 years now. In the beginning it was all sharp and clear, but then the sharpness of the images became significantly less sharp for some reason. It is especially clear with text on the screen. There is an annoying aliasing effect. Anyone knows the reason/solution for that? Is it a problem of the TV or the modem?

Most likely they’ve added more channels and increased the compression which means lower quality picture on your side.

I just picked up MOD a couple weeks ago and I’m very satisfied…no real slowdown, only occasional minor sync problems (I have a 10/2 line), legit HD channels (I was surprised at the quality)…I got the 299NT package. Cheaper and superior to local cable TV. News is better (BBC, Al Jazeera and the rest are much better than CNN), the Nat Geo HD channels are very nice, and between FX, Fox Crime and the Universal channel there are a lot of popular shows covered, albeit a season or 2 behind. Love the fact you can change audio to English on some channels…a friend pointed this out to me after the installer failed to mention it. Also very nice that it barely affects internet speed, run a speedtest with MOD on and it barely makes a dent.

The extra box for 89 NT is a great deal too. I may end up getting satellite for my main TV and using mod on 2 others eventually.

We measure download speed by website Result is only 300kbs/s.

MOD is installed in all 150 apartments of this new complex. I know how to find English channels, but there’s a lot I haven’t figured out.

  1. We have MOD205B box with remote control.
    Someone posted that # button on bottom right of remote controls switches language audio.
    The remote control we have has no #button. Is there another way to change Chinese audio to English, given that x film has dual audio?
    Someone called it second language audio.

  2. How can we get MOD internet radio?

  3. Channel on command? How do we access it? Disney on demand

  4. Hi Free --what is it?

  5. Upgrade to 20MB/s. evaluated this internet speed and found download speed at only 300kps.

300/divided by 20000= 0.015
Also, 20000/divided by 300=67 times faster! Is this math correct?

When you say 20MB/s is that download speed?

I think MOD is improving as Taiwan is being dragged into the 21st century after the other Asian countries. The only major gripe I have with MOD is why their video on demand selection is so limited, surely they should be able to put up 100s of videos and that would be a huge earner for them (instead of the 10s of videos they have at present which often include old ones).

Used to be a lot more. Hundreds, maybe, but they’ve actually reduced the amount and as you say, keep a lot of old stuff floating around…

Doesn’t make sense does it as the more titles the more downloads and revenue should come in. Perhaps bandwidth issues?