Model aeroplane paint kits?

I’m looking for a place that sells model aeroplane paints. I’ve searched far and wide, but to no avail. Anyone with information, it will be greatly appreciated.

I think there’s a place on Fuxing, just south of HePing. I’ll check on the way home and let you know.

There is a building that has several model shops that sell Tamiya and other sorts of paints and model kits in Hsimenting. I don’t know the exact address, but it is on the forth floor of the building that is directly across the street from the Holiday KTV in Hsimenting. There should be a carpark across from there too. It’s also next to the Eslite building, the one with the bookstore on the top level (not the new one that used to be the Lai Lai department store). One last detail, on the fifth floor of this building there should be Tom’s World (video game arcade). Hope you find it. They will have what you are looking for definitely.

Wow, so who says you can’t get instant gratification in this day and age…
thanks guys, but one other thing is I’m in Nankan, and I have no idea where either of those places are that you spoke of (although Fuxing rings a bell, on the MRT line?). Yeah I have yet to find a good english map of Taiwan.

Get a map and find your way to Hsimenting, you won’t be disappointed, or just take the MRT to Hsimen Station (that’s actually where Hsimenting is) get out and ask someone where Holiday KTV is. There’s only one there, so everyone knows where it is, and it is easy to find.

I’ve also seen several shops selling Tamiya and Humbrol paints in Kaohsiung. If you don’t get sorted out, let me know, I’ll be coming up to Taipei to the Gaming shop there periodically and I’m sure we can organise something.

Also, if you’re looking for Acrylic model paints, said newly opened gaming store has a wide range of Citadel Miniatures paints. Good quality stuff.

yes, the “wan-nian” department store. xi-ning s rd. a full range of models and products upstairs there. but most of your smallish stationary/toy stores have models and some paints.

A good, free map that I used was a map from MRT. Check at major MRT stations (ie Taipei Main Station) or at the Tourist Center between Zhonxiao Dunhua and Zhongxiao Fuxing for it. Very useful since it shows all the MRT stations and streets.

Wan Nian is my location of choice for model paints. Everything from paint markers, spray cans to Tamiya.

Go to Tiger head mountain on a Sunday afternoon and chat with the people that’s flying their planes there.There must be a place in Taoyuan City.