Moderator madness

Sorry I can’t include the relevant quote here – the moderator in his infinite wisdom closed the thread on store clerks (for no apparent reason, I might add).

He’s complaining – to a poster, mind you, not to the administrators – that the poster he’s peeved at has turned off his private message function so that there is no way to “contact with (sic) him.”

Surely, as registered users, the posters are entirely within their rights to make use of the OrIENteD features as they see fit.

It would seem that your little snit would be better directed at the site administrators.


I hate to burst your bubble, but there is an apparent reason if you go to that thread now and take a look. I had to go in and edit out half the contents as they were not related to the discussion or they were in violation of the rules.

Concerning my recommendation to Wolf and others, it is simply a suggestion, rather than the command as you see it. I prefer to contact people individually. However in this instance I had no choice. Yes, it is in the rights of each poster what information they provide, however providing an email address is of great assistance to moderators and administrators, in case we need to contact you!