Moderator tags


Is it just me or is it a bit obnoxious to tag up moderators outside of their fora? Always makes me a bit nervous when I’m replying to some guy with moderator next to his name…


Don’t be nervous, we’re a gentle bunch.

The next software update will have some major updates to the way modding works so we’ll see what happens then. Since this package doesn’t have the name-coloration feature the old software had though, we’ll probably stick with some way of identifying mods as such throughout the site, which may well be the current titles.



Do you mean, for example, if you tagged me in the legal category to have me suspend someone breaking forum policy?



No I just mean, right now your name ranlee has a big Moderator next to it. I think as TG says we had a color code before which is a little less intimidating.


Maybe I could just have a “Legend” added next to my name, that’d be sweet


Is the Shield icon just enough?


It’s a bit ambiguous.


Maybe we mods can get a thick colored border around their profile pic?


Discourse decided not to make “some major updates to the way modding works” as I said would happen, so we made some smaller changes here. Mods are shown above OPs in their forums, and we removed the “moderator” title by default, leaving the shield.


Much better. Now it looks like that’s your House in Henry Fuckin Porter Mujician’s College there.

I can’t believe how unstrung Brother @the_bear was getting over that shit, man. For a big guy, he sure spooks easy.


I hate to be that guy, but it seems the mod showing next to OPs has disappeared.


Doesn’t it appear only if you are the moderator in that particular forum?


That looks so much better. I’d like to nominate myself for the Nobell Piece Prize for that.


Where exactly? It won’t appear in the “rolling” header by the way, but only above the OP.


I’m not seeing it any of my modded forums and ones that I’m not modding.

I’m on PC.


They seem to be working for me.