Modern day mosquito control in Taiwan

Curious what some new techniques we are having employed here for mosquito conteol?

Pretty long history of radical mosquito warfare in Taiwan and the control of malaria. But how about bow a days? Other than intensive chemical control, anything like this been done here?

A brief summary of taiwan and the big M

Interesting topic. That video is cool, but my instinct would be to find better ways to kill mosquitoes rather than breeding better mosquitoes like these guys do :runaway: but yeah, killing them hasn’t worked for 50 years, so maybe it’s time for such measures.

I wonder if BTI is used in Taiwan? I was under the impression that this is a near ideal weapon against mosquitoes: targeting their larvae and not harming anything else. It’s bacteria that live only in mosquito larvae guts, killing them.

It seems that there is some research showing that it does harm similar insects (midges) though, which could have an influence on biodiversity.

I grew up in an area with huge mosquito breeding grounds in the form of wetlands, so mosquito control was a huge topic. Less because of malaria or other illnesses, but simply to make outdoor life possible. BTI would be sprayed from helicopters over all wetlands. Every household would be provided with BTI tablets and asked to put these into any standing water around them: ponds, water reservoirs, …

For sure. I get what you mean, i was quite against this gmo mosquito issue for a long time as well. Mostly due to ignorance, secondly due to not wanting to use gmo on wild populutions that are beyond human comprehension as to long term effects. This aspect still remains true as to human ignorance.

So for this very specific instance i have been coming around (very open to opposing ideas) to the idea that adding a bacteria living inside the insect to prevent birth or prevent disease transfer, at least to our species.

Obviously any youtube video is going to be beyond basic in nature and dumbed down for us average folk to get (kind of like tv has become trash on the education channels) but its worth looking into further by reading up a bit. Honestly, I havent. But think it is worth doing so if we care about those diseases. Sientists tend to have natural bias like any other. So what Of it is being displayed factually without other motives. Likely none. Worth reading on and playing the long game on life not the short game with just human life.

It seems fairly clear with taiwans chemical/bio fumigation of air, land and waterways the contamination might not be ideal. Or, its just a shit idea, but the death count compared to mallaria might be less. depends how one counts the numbers, if they can even be counted long term.

So as an arm chair enthusiast on this one looking forward to hearing about taiwans modern day measures. Before it was cutting edge to abuse peoples land and property for the greater good. People could be detained and forced against their will. Then DDT was cutting edge and sprayed everywhere. Then other chems that we can evaluate later on. But seems with greater human rights in taiwan these happen less (still common but less) so we as a species can imnovate based on balance of culture, environment and cost. Super fascinating to me as this topic hits all the bad and good points except perhaps race and gender. Otherwise, its all in, fun thing to discover :slight_smile:

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