Modern ways of transferring money out of Taiwan without going to a bank

Modern ways of transferring money out of Taiwan without going to a bank.

There has to be better options then wasting 30min to an hour filling out paperwork and paying exorbitant fees to transfer money.

Banking is from the 1960’s here while the rest of the world is ultra modern & web based.

Well, there is online banking…

Apart from that: Bitcoin etc., Western Union etc., PayPal,…

what bank you use?
I know 2 that have online banking that you can transfer money out of Taiwan (1 is government bank, 1 is private) without ever going to the counter except to link overseas bank accounts with your local one. Even the post office banking service online can do this.

Bitcoin/cryptos is much cheaper than through bank and very fast. A bit risky though

I use Taishin online banking. There are some limitations, but it’s better than nothing. Howto @:

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Online banking in Taiwan? Are you sure?

The article is from 2015, but still worth reading…

Security isn’t even an afterthought: Taiwan’s online banking

For an updated status of each bank, go direct to this link:
It automatic scans all Taiwanese bank websites each day and updates the ratings


Awesome info site, thanks!

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Well…what banks are those?

I think Taiwan has money gram as well.

Why not send an ATM card to a trusted friend or family member back home?