MOE amends 1000-word English vocabulary list

MOE just issued a release: The “1000”-word English vocabulary list is now…er…1200 words.

I guess corpus linguistics hasn’t yet arrived in the MOE’s scholarly corridors. :unamused:


We just received the notification via a paper press release: we’re publishers.

The revised list will apparently be available for download on the MOE website in due course.

perhasp this is something they have added onto the list, but can anyone tell me, besides the fact they use mainly american rather than original texts, why they do not include more relevant words for their children to learn- such as scooter, noodles, mango, dumpling, even air conditioner??? things are much easier to learn if you can find personal relevance in it

does anyone else feel the same way out there?

Hi everyone,

I have been searching for the MOE word list, from what I hear there are 4 levels different of lists of English words considered to be important by the Taiwanese government. Does anyone here have those lists or know where to get them, I have been searching and asking around for a while but nobody seems to know, I have contacted the MOE several times but no response.

I have checked the MOE site as well and there is not talk of it.



I can’t vouch for it, but a list which is said to be the Ministry of Education’s 2,000-word list with the 1,000-word-list words underlined can be found here.

It was found on this webpage, which is one of the webpages of Phil Scholfield, Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the University of Essex. His homepage is here.

Hope this helps.


I actually have the 2000 word list but am looking for the 4000 word list, if you know where to get that one too, that’d be great.




I didn’t find a 4,000-word list, but I found a large listhere, in pdf format, under the following title:


(According to babelfish, the above means “College Entrance Examination Center High School English Reference Glossary”(?))

I don’t know if it’s the same as what I saw referred to as the “CEEC 6480,” a list of approximately 6,500 words which is used to help people studying for the SAET (Scholastic Aptitude English Test) and the DRET (Department Required English Test), but it appears to be the same list.

The document is some kind of research paper. There’s an abstract of it in Chinese and English here. To view the document, you can change the number that comes after “37/” at the end of the URL. The numbers after the slash go up to 8. I think it’s 200-something pages long.

In the same series of pdf documents, there’s another list here, or perhaps it’s just another configuration of the reference glossary given above. This list is divided into six levels of 1,080 words each (i.e., a 6,480-word list), as mentioned in the abstract. This is almost certainly the 6,480-word list mentioned here and there on the Internet.

I’ll look around some for the 4,000-word list you mentioned.

Edit: I looked for about another 50 minutes and couldn’t find it. Sorry.