MOFA blues!

i hear so much these days. is it true that my chinese ability will be tested when i request my non-extendable be changed transformed into an extendable one at MOFA?
in truth, i’m not really a student, just use Flag for paperwork. i’m not a bad guy, i might be working illegally, but i don’ t want to get kicked out over being unable to answer a few questions in chinese. i do have a current bank statement to support my ‘i’m not working’ claim, if that’ll help.
is it likely that they’ll give me a chance to improve or will they just refuse to believe i am a student and kick me out?
and are the only solutions to staying here, being a ‘real’ university student or using a fake degree (i don’t have a degree)?
thanks for replies
it seems the glory days are over … boo hoo

Ask the boss at Flag - he’s an knows as much about such matters as anybody.

I believe that it is very difficult to change a non-extendable to an extendable under most isf not any circumstances. I went with my wife once, armed with every document available to us and we were given plenty of grief. Good luck, though. I once knew an older woman who would go there and cry until they relented. She would get doctor slips saying she couldn’t fly etc and if they weren’t buying it she would cry, worked for over two years. She never had an ARC and never had to leave the country. I’m not sure if this option is open for you but…