MOFA Scholarship & College Acceptance

Hello to all!

First of all I apologize if a similar threat was posted before, i did some searches but was not able to find an answer to my question.

I am a Guatemalan Citizen living in the US, I completed my high school education here but due to my immigration status I do not qualify for Financial Aid. Recently I started looking into continuing my higher education in Taiwan and of course get to learn about the Taiwanese culture and language. How competitive is the process to obtain the MOFA scholarship to study abroad in Taiwan? Also, how competitive is to be accepted in a Taiwanese Univ? I’ve looked into the requirements and most universities only require a verified transcript, reference letters, financial statements and other simple documents, but do not require any examination; therefore is the admission to a University mostly based on your GPA?

Also, if I’m accepted into a Taiwanese University, do you guys think that I would not be able to obtain a Taiwanese visa due to my undocumented status in the United States? Do you guys recommend that If I’m accepted into a University I should apply for my Taiwanese visa in my home country or the US?

Thank you everyone for any help you guys can provide me…