Money making idea...student visa and selling from a cart

hello everyone and good evening,
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a few questions specially to you guys already here in TW for a while…

I am planning to come over to study chinese at the end of the year,planning at least to stay 6 month on that visa(ARC after 4 month,is that right?) and beside that I want to try to sell food related product(please excuse that i won’t tell now exactly what I am going to sell,) on different locations here in Tainan,specially where people are,nightmarket for a start to see how it goes…then all those tourist places,Confucius temple,Anping,Shikan Tower,in front of malls,school ecc,endless possibilities actually and i am pretty sure, I could do well with it and,when stable,doing this for a business and ,as my dream is,staying in TW for good…

so,lot of questions,hopefully,some can be answered, I am read all those postings on different forums related to my questions…but more confused now. …

how do I start?

Can i try first to sell on night market without restrictions,means,do i need a paper to sell there or just pay the fee to set up my footcart?Do i need some paper so I am officially allowed to sell food?

How about the other places mentioned,can i just go there and ask the people in charge,if I could stand there and sell,of course I know that i have to pay them a amount of the money I make there…?

Do I need a licence to sell on those places?Where will I get that one?

Would it make sense to let the business roll on a local friends name?

Or anything else I have to watch out or be carefully not having problems while studying here?

thanks for your time,hope,everything is clear enough since somehow I cannot find the ‘right’ words(a german guy here and no,no sausages I will sell,))))

thanks in advance! :notworthy: :thumbsup: