💵 Money | Strong Euro, Weak NTD Bad for Travel?

Back in Finland, and later short flight to Estonia. The rate today is Euro=32.2 TW$, a bit of shock as earlier this year was a low as 29NT$ per Euro. Is that a strong Euro recently, and news why?


“Strong” is relative. The EUR is still close to its 20-year-low against the US$…

Just for comparison:

It used to be > 34.


Yeah that’s very disappointing. Probably because ECB is about to hike interest rate. But I doubt it will last.

The lowest was like 29.9 so not exactly 29.

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Nice chart! For me, an espresso NT$59 vs NT$56 now haha. But the business I work gets Euros and pays mostly in NT$ for expenese so good for them.

Euro now strong vs USA money, NT$ rate is same at 32, ha hard to plan with changes such should I keep Euro, made 6% more so far, so me like free lunch haha

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It’s gone above 34! (34.4)


It’s not 34.4. It’s 33.7. Google’s exchange rate on weekends is always wrong.

It used to be 47 NT$ for a Euro


so you think it will go that level in the future

No. The Euro crashed as Europe has a sick economic situation.

Its above 35, now wondering if it will reach 36! Did exchange some € at 34 thinking it was good, now wondering is 35 good?


The people who are traveling to EU from Taiwan for vacations are rich enough to not be bothered by these ForEx changes. My damn return flight costing 44000 NTD instead of 40000 NTD before won’t change my decision :joy:

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Decent price for summer. I book fall trip to Lithuania (via ZRH /BKK) was NT$30,000 so still some deals from KHH (Kaoshuing)


Tickets now under 30,000Taiwan money, maybe for fall season prices from KHH

With Russian aerospace out of bounds, the routes to Europe are now longer. It should cost more.

Now just waiting to see if somehow the awful events in Israel / Palestine expand regionally, adding further complications especially if Iran gets involved, as they already seem to have their hands in this mess.


Some flights NT$28,000 return from KHH to EU (Baltics)


Not much to me lol. Already at 25 hours to the wrong side of Europe.

What’s causing the NTD to weaken? I keep hearing “hot money” but I don’t have a degree in economics to understand what’s up.

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It’s not the NTD. Most countries printed money like there’s no tomorrow. Well tomorrow has come, inflation is sky high (or it was just a few months ago). They increased interest rates to fight inflation but Taiwan didn’t need to do that so they didn’t. Money flocked to those countries with higher interest rates.

It’s actually a double whammy for export oriented economies as higher interest rates also decrease consumption which means they can export less.

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So the only, and only thing governments can do about inflation is adjusting interest rates?

Taiwan seem to be engaged in very socialist policy of price control to keep inflation under control (they decide how much eggs cost for example).

Is that good or bad?