Montessori Elementary Schools

Hi there,

We’re coming over from the UK and are keen to find a montessori school for our 6yr old. The only Montessori elementary I can find is the Taipei New World Montessori but im struggling to find information about the school in English. It would be great to hear from anyone who knows anything about the school (fees, waiting lists, if they have international children etc). Also, does anyone know of any other Montessori elementary schools in Taiwan. I’ve found info on kindergarten but nothing on elementary/primary school level.

Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Quick search throws up this thread:

and the person behind this blog might be of help.

There’s one called “Charm Montessori”. I don’t know anything about it really, just heard that is was good. It’s in Neihu. Unfortunately, most info is in Chinese. On their enrolment page, it says they are taking 10 children aged between 6 and 9 for this year (started September 1st). Anyway, here’s the link, maybe pop the info into google translate as a starting point.

Taipei New World Montessori does have AMI teachers. I’m not sure if they are an AMI school. AMI schools and training programs are very strict in the implementation of Montessori. So as best I can tell from their web site and facebook page, it would be a good choice to look more into.

I often get emailed asking about different schools in Taiwan. (I write the blog someone posted earlier, though I’m on vacation now…ahhhhh…) I think you emailed me from that. I wish I knew more about different Montessori schools in Taiwan, but only really know about mine and a few other schools around the island. Unfortunately, I just do not have enough time to visit many schools. :-/