Monty python

any chance of finding the old monty python movies over here?

[quote=“Mugatu”]any chance of finding the old monty python movies over here?[/quote]The Meaning of Life was released here a couple of years ago, not sure if you can still find it though. I have The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail on region 2 for $NT600.

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]The Meaning of Life was released here a couple of years ago, not sure if you can still find it though.[/quote]You can. Some of the record stores sell it - I bought a copy from Rose Records a couple of months back.

or you can order them off of shipping usually takes a week and it’s cheap.

[quote=“Indiana”]or you can order them off of shipping usually takes a week and it’s cheap.[/quote]Or from me, shipping takes 1 day (although my record is 2 hours between ordering and delivery) and is free. (if I have it in stock, otherwise I take a bit longer)

Indeed. I recently shelled out for the MegaPack. Every episode of the Flying Circus, and a few of the later 80’s live gigs.

Simply wonderful!
& when my wife bitched about the bill ($150 us), i maintained that this was neccessary medicine for the brain.

Failing that, Big Fluffy Matthews’s got a few of the movies on his website. :star: He’s even got the Mega Set!

[quote=“TheGingerMan”]He’s even got the Mega Set![/quote]I don’t have it in stock at the moment, but I can get it. I just hope noone asks me to post it, I have no idea where to get an envelope big enough…

Last night, I watched a poor copy of The Holy Grail. A fine Movie!
But what I really wanted to see was The Life Of Brian.

BSM/Shiny imports, here I come! A shameless plug, but I admire what the man is trying to do.

is there anny tv chanels that send monthy phyton, benny hill, hale and pace, scetch show, litle britain and things like that?

I caught Benny Hill on the V/L channel a few weeks ago, but they have never repeated it. They must have had a rained out ballgame or something.

Mugatu, you should consider buying that HERE.

first encountered them when my brothers (or maybe my dad) started watching them on Sunday evenings in late-70s or early-80s when local PBS affiliate would broadcast old episodes.

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Think I first watched the Flying Circus in 1974 or 1975, as an undergrad. Long before there was cable, there was a local UHF tv channel in the uni town where I lived that aired reruns of Flying Circus, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and The Untouchables on weeknight evenings. Somebody might have to hold the antenna up just so, but all still watchable. Great way to avoid starting on homework.

Flying Circus is more miss than hit and hasn’t aged well. Still contains a few gems, though. Life of Brian remains genius for eternity.


“Ich kann mit einem Eierlöffel Fledermäuse töten”

NY’s PBS station played it every Sunday night at 11, and there was an occasional marathon.

Still made my top ten TV shows list! I can find a lot of gems.

It was on Netflix not long ago and I have to admit I found more misses than I remembered. I still found at least one hit in every episode I watched (did not watch all, though).

The part that aged the worst imo are the Gilliam animations. My memory of them was that they were brilliant, but I have to say I could have skipped them altogether when watching recently on Netflix.

I think it’s partly down to over-familiarity as well. We’ve seen the sketches so many times that they become a bit stale. They’ve also been copied, or at least the style has been, so many times.

I agree about Gilliam. The only weak part of Life of Brian was the Star Wars type bit in the middle. Having said that, the opening credits are hilarious.

Gilliam’s animation was ground-breaking at the time, but isn’t particularly special now and is actually a bit irritating at times.

The over-familiarity doesn’t apply to my daughter and she loves The Spanish Inquisition, The Ministry of Silly Walks, and the fish dance one next to a canal. Oh, and Upper Class Twit of the Year.

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I agree with your daughter, I still love those bits too. The dead parrot routine also never fails me.

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