Monument for @tempogain for when he is gone

Hi, I’m collecting signatures for honouring the incommensurable labour @tempogain has done for this community defending us from trolls and bullshit, looking after our own interest doing many things from posting thrash metal and electronic noise to banning many so that they could get back to the real world for a while.

Please sign my petition so that he gets the recognition he well deserves when he’s gone.


Seems a bit morbid.

It’s like ICRT yesterday. Joseph Lin celebrated Bob Dylan’s 78th birthday by playing Knockin on Heaven’s Door.

Nice one, Joseph. You Muppet.

But @tempogain is only 72 yo. And we can’t have both him and his monument.

I’m not going anywhere! I see what your plan is here


Tempogain is leaving? Long live free speech!!!

Wait…you’re not going anywhere? Free speech is for fascists!!


He’s in a better place now.

He was gone?

Chicken tikka masala is pretty good I think

Amazing with Nando’s Trio Bell salad dressing

He’s certainly a better mod than another forum I used to go to, where a mod snapped one night and banned half the posters. After a day of defending his Thanos-esque actions, the mad mod was then stripped of his duties and banned by the admin himself. It was like a virtual Greek tragedy… very entertaining.
Anyway, all the mods here are good, but I don’t understand why anyone would want the position. It’s a thankless (and unpaid) job, but I’m glad someone is willing to do it!



We shall found the Tempogain Memorial Library.

Pride of place will go to the Mad Masala archive of shitposts, where they will be stored for posterity in the basement beside the shitter.


We already have his DVDs for display


I’ve been on the internet for over 20 years. This forum isn’t my first rodeo. I think it was some comic/superhero based one… very geeky place.

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Hey, calm down a bit.

Maybe we can upload his brain into the Cloud, and he can carry on modding from the Other Side?


Maybe he’s fuckin Ghain In The Shell!

My first rodeo was the neopets forum :joy: