More bad than good these days.

Really tired of the same personal attacks when I try to help and contribute.

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…you wonder why…I’m going to put this in nice terms. You need to look up the word humility.

If you have an opinion about every topic ever posted, even ones you know nothing about, and continue to tell everyone how wonderful, rich, handsome and big you are, people are sometimes going to get sarcastic. It’s human nature to lash out at arrogance.

seems petty to lash out against someone they never met on the internet. And closely follow them…and what they write.

Well it’s impossible to avoid what you write when you read this forums because you write something every five minutes.

I think your posts in your cheese thread were quite reasonable, and I think that what you said elsewhere with regard to the cheese thread–about different people having different preferences–was also quite reasonable.

I think your “Ouch” response comported with the standards of a gentleman of the old school.


You seem like an overall nice guy, who is sometimes a bit full of himself (that’s okay, so am I). I wouldn’t take anything on here too seriously though. Just chill and if you’re clashing with someone, just stop engaging with him (or her). There’s a reason I don’t post about politics here, for example.


Considering this was posted in the feedback category, I’m going to presume it is a general topic about modern ethics and values. I will agree, most people completely lack a little tactfulness when given anonymity. If their place of work, relatives, or other personally identifiable information was public I fully believe there would be less disgusting comments lingering.

This is probably one of the most tame online communities I’ve seen. Somehow it became the social norm to leave a negative comment to everything. Even most of my early posts here, I would get a direct response where the person would phase their comment as though to completely disagree, but say exactly the same points! Why? Fucking, why?

When I was younger I was taught, if you can’t say anything good then just don’t say anything. As I matured I learned to keep my nose out of other’s business. It’s like many people never matured into adulthood. Personally I’m having trouble telling if some individuals are 14 or 40. Even some responses in this topic, it’s under “feedback” not “roast me.”

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There’s a lot of bitterness from what I can see. Ive never mentioned my looks, I talk about my height as mostly an annoyance in taiwan, and I’ve never once bragged about my wealth only to put it in perspective of how I view things from my position and background when talking about a subject. And seems like everyone has a lot to say on the side not related to the topic and even now come at me sideways. That’s so childish, if you see me say I’m so great looking you guys all suck, reply back on that particular post. Don’t be the guy when I tried to tell him about W pool parties come at me and not even contribute to the actual post. I’ve actually met with people to help them on this forum with their personal life issues. I’ve offered my help in many PMs. Yeah I like money, most people do. I’m no monk. Never have I used that to look down on someone or talk about hey I have this much in my bank. I like beautiful women, is that some issue. I like to eat at nice places, how awful of me for sharing some good places I’ve tried. Sorry I workout and train. Apparently that makes people feel a certain way keeping my body healthy. And no it’s not so I can feel like a bad ass. Try steping inside a ring with someone throwing knees and elbows at your face. You won’t last if that’s your objective to look cool. I enjoy a sport. And I’m proud that I got myself in shape to go to Thailand and train and fight in front of a big crowd. I guess I thought sharing some of my life with people would help the community feel more connected. But I guess theres always people that will feel a certain way about my life.

Basically if you got something to say, if you can’t even say it directly on the internet and have to come at someone sideways on a completely different post not even related to what the OP is asking. Tells me a lot about you as a person. Hell, I’ve gotten my posts taken off by mods, but I dig into you directly at that moment not hold it in and do this passive aggressive on the internet bs.

Am I arrogant, hell yes. I know my faults. But at least least I’m not reading and holding on to what someone I never met says one forum and try to put them down. That’s a sad life if you need to do that.

Not to worry, its not like this is the real world here on the interwebs. I’m still wondering if you speak Korean?

My accent is not great. My I can order food at a restaurant with zero issues haha

Thanks for flagging such people. We aim to suspend them as quickly as possible. I’ve been a bit occupied the last few days. I think it’s worth pointing out such people often have full knowledge of the board and come in ready to harass certain individuals. Often they are repeat offenders–it’s generally impossible to prevent people from re-registering, and we have to deal with them after they do so. I’d recommend ignoring their posts and flagging them.

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Mum taught me that one too and “Put it back where you found it” is a good one too.

You offered to help people get into shape free of charge. That was a really generous offer.

Some people like to be negative online. They possibly have some personal issues which we need to empathize with, or maybe they’re just being dicks. What can you do? Just ignore it.

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If you put yourself out there you are always going to get haters. Its easier for people to snipe anonymously.

I only hate that you’ve eaten in a lot of restaurants I’ll probably not get to eat in. Not that I need to eat more mind you.

Well, it happens, but you can’t let it get to you. You take time out of your busy day to share information, but sometimes no matter what you write and what you share, there’s someone there to try to prove you wrong or to lash out at you based on what you’ve shared in the past. That won’t change no matter where you go on the internets, but don’t let them change you.

You are who you are.

As for the direct attacks, keep flagging them and the mod squad will do what we can to take care of it.

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