More creepy China

Here’s a bit more creepy China for you. I ordered some clothing from a vendor in China on ebay. I must say, this is has been hit and miss in the past, but getting a refund has never been a problem. However, on this occasion the vendor asked me to supply a Chinese name and ID number! I told them I was not a Chinese national and they could give me a refund, thank you. The whole world should start pushing back or China’s totalitarian nightmare will spread like the plague!

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@Critter, @mokkie

@mokkie, @Critter

Taiwan customs want to see your ARC number on import so that they can skin you for whatever taxes/fees are due.

Dunno about the Chinese name part.

This is easy to solve: don’t buy from sellers in the PRC.



Chinese sellers are such a scam most of the time. I bought items from China a few times lately and they send me fake tracking numbers for an item that ends up getting delivered elsewhere. This has happened enough times that I don’t trust them.

I think they use the money that they get from buyers, give fake shipping info, and then refund you after 2 months. I think they are using buyers money as float money for other projects.