More Minis = more fun?

One of those friend of a friend things.

I can get my hands on a second Mac Mini (1.25/ 1 gig/ 100 mb) to complement my own (1.42/ 1 gig/ 80 mb). Question is, is there any point? I’m regularly running out of room on the harddrive, but not too worried about that. Can I daisy-chain these things together to achieve any significant degree of better performance?

Not sure that I’m really all that interested in this, but the Mini’s for sale for NT $10,000, and I thought, “Why the hell not?” Eh, whatever.

Any advice/ guidance? I’m flip-flopping on this right now. Anyone else interested in buying a Mini for NT $10,000 should I pass on it?

id be interested in a mino for 10k. sounds like a good deal

you can install linux and be the first one in the world to make a mac mini cluster. just kidding :laughing:

If it’s a Macintel mini you could install Win xp using Apple’s new Bootcamp.

It’s not a MacIntel, you can tell from the quoted CPU speed (1.25) and by the fact that if MacIntels were selling for $10,000 I’d be having heart attacks trying to buy them all.

For a PowerPC based Mac, $10,000 is still a great price, anyone who wants a nice machine for surfing the Internet, watching DVDs and playing music should think about this deal.

To Jaboney

No you can’t link 2 Macs together to increase the performance. You would be able to network them and so have access to the extra 100GB of disk space for saving your files, but for $10,000 you’d get much better value buying an external USB drive or three.

Jaboney - I’m very interested - talk to you later!

I didn’t read this close enough … anyway … at that price you could use your mini as a media center … add bluetooth and you could surf the web on your flat screen tv from your couch … or just use to play dvd’s and mp3’s.

:smiley: Thanks all. I know next to nothing about networking. If I could get some additional functionality out of the extra machine, I’d snap it up. I’m still tempted, just because my Mini is doing yeoman’s service as a media center and workhorse as it is. But work compells me to get a laptop–would love a more powerful machine, but size matters, so I’ll probably be going with a 12" iBook–and I don’t want to buy two machines if neither will provide a boost to the one I already have.

Alrighty then, anyone interested in buying this friend-of-a-friend machine, let me know. I’m more than happy to help spread the Mac-love. AWOL, Maoman, will be getting in touch.


As these friend-of-a-friend things go, this is unsurprising: buddy’s waiting on a newly ordered machine and will sell this one in a month or so after it arrives. If I can get my hands on it then, I’ll repost. :s