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Sorry, Just wanted your attention.

New Draftees! Gentlemen,
I am pleased to invite you to join the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League. We are a recreational league run by foreigners in Taipei.
We have 6 teams, playing games approximately every second weekend. We started the season in November and this is a last opportunity for players to join this season, finishing at the end of May 06. Games are played on alternate Sunday nights (though this can change depending on public holidays, Regional Tournaments etc.) from 7pm - 3 games a night running through till 11pm. We have started the season in Shijr (3 rounds) and have one more round there on 8th January after which we will transfer to the olympic sized ice in downtown (cnr Dunhwa and Nanking Rds) for the 5th round on 15th January.

Costs for the Season are as follows:
Registration: $1,000
Game Fees: $5,700
Refundable Uniform Deposit: $1,000

To join the league you must have been seen on the ice by some of our team leaders so all teams can be assured the draft is balanced and fair. If you have not yet skated with us you have a last chance this Thursday night 5th Jan from 9pm at the Shitze rink. In this case please contact me to let me know you will be coming out. If you are waiting on equipment and want to play you still need to get on the ice - if you are not drafted this time around you may not get to play this season. I may be able to help you with equipment, let me know your height, weight, skate or shoe size. If this happens we will try to get you in, but no gurantees, if this happens you should know there is a very good scrimmage happening every Thursday night in Shijr.

Additionally, could I please hear back from you if you intend to play this season. I need full name, date of birth and contact telephone numbers.

The draft will be done at 6pm on Sunday evening 8th January. All draftees must have paid their registration fee to be drafted, please look for Bob Ford our treasurer either on Thursday night at the rink or the evening of the 8th.
IMPORTANT This means you will need to be at the rink and ready to play from 7pm incase you are drafted to a team that is playing in the first game - starting at 07:20pm.

We use a Yahoo Group site to communicate with all players on issues related to the league and ice hockey in Taiwan, if you are not yet a member and would like to join please let me know.

I hope to see you on the ice soon!

All the best,

Geoff Le Cren
Vice Commissioner CIHL
Cell: 0935 581 578