More space on my ipod than my laptop

Can I keep my music library just on my ipod without keeping it on my harddrive? I’m running out of space on my laptop. If I do this will I be able to transfer songs back to my computer from my ipod later and still burn CDs?

You can do that with two copies of your music on the iPod. iPod has a special folder structure it uses when storing music.

You would enable HD use and change your iTunes music folder. I think it should ask if you want to consolidate your music to the new folder.

Thanks, gary!!

I’d recommend getting a second external hard drive, or at the very least burning an extra copy of your MP3s. Murphy’s Laws dictates the second you put all of your MP3s only on your iPod is when you’ll accidentally format it or lose it.

I’ve been burning them onto CD for now. I’m hoping to get a new computer with more space within the next few months.


I backup stuff in iTunes by date. I have a smart playlist that lists music added since whatever day. I back up the oldest stuff on the list and then change the date. So I always know what needs to be saved.

Apple recently added an article about just this: