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For some reason the older thread has closed, so I’m starting a new one.
Here’s Julian assange being a bit of a knob (again). Anyone know if this is real or a spoof from the onion?


BBC have also reported on it.

As has the ABC.

And CNN.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say Julian Assange’s cat is probably smelling the whole bloody place up.

Fun fact, cat urine is detrimental to your mental health and long term exposure can cause mental illness.


I kinda sympathize with what the guy was trying to do with Wikileaks, even if there are some important cons to it. Still the guy is an idiot, the reason why they cut his internet was because he was posting not well informed comments on international politics and got some country offended. Well deserved.

But this is not just about cat poo and internet. He might be right when he says they are pushing him out. OTOH he should think about the reasons, and if he’s a bit like the invitee who overstays at a friend’s place, abusing from their hospitality.


Don’t bite the only hand that’s feeding you.


Does he have Ecuadorian citizenship?




So, living for 6 years in an Embassy gives you citizenship?


It appears to be the reverse of how diplomatic personnel and their children cannot get permanent residency/citizenship of the country they are posted to.


I think they just granted it to him to try and get him out of there, it obviously didn’t work.


Yeah, because Australia took his passport and wouldn’t give him a new one. But I heard he had it confiscated at an Airport in Australia, so I wonder how he managed to get out and then travel to Sweden and England.


So the embassy staff won’t give him the wifi password, he can’t have guests come in without nofifying the embassy staff, and he must clean up his own cat’s poop?

My nephew’s son has a friend with a similar set of problems. His parents say they’ll make him move out when he turns 18 no matter what.


He wasn’t even born there!:roll_eyes:


IIRC he applied to the nationality being living there for a while, out of let’s call it gratefulness.




Looks like they drew inspiration from golliwogs.


They’re weird looking things. $550 a pop!





If the wild boar got her on the way to work that would be justice