More Taiwan photos

From an “amateur” at an urban issues website. I think it’s the same photographer I linked to a while back. He’s amazing.

Photos here

sone lovely stuff in there! the pic of the beautiful azure sea lapping and claiming trash left by people sums up life here i think.

That is some superb photography… can u find out what camera? SLR? I don’t think my Olympus C770 would be capable of photos like those!

Great photo’s. He has a great eye, and good Photoshop skills.

huh? where are the betal nut girls?

good shootin

Awesome shots indeed… According to the EXIF data, most of the shots are taken with a Nikon E8700, a few with the Nikon E3500, edits done in Adobe Photoshop 7… Goes to show that you don’t need the newest or best equipment to get great shots.